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Shoe save!

So I have these snake skin peep toe kitten heels that I absolutely adore!


Now for the biggest sad face EVER…


Oh how cruel time and environment can be to a beautiful pair of shoes!! I have had so many compliments on these shoes but I couldn’t stand to wear them in this state. Serious fashion faux pas. 

I was all set to give them to Goodwill but being in between apartments and not knowing where the Goodwill was they sat in a plastic bag with other things until I went home. 

Enter Pinterest! Recently I found this adorable post about how to save a beloved pair of shoes. It was so simple I couldn’t believe it! All it took was a little mod podge, some glitter, and a paint brush.


Annnnnnnnd when they dried…


SAVED! I can’t wait to wear these again! Ok so putting black glitter on black heels may not have the same effect as the original post but oh well. I’m just so happy to have my heels back!

What did we do before Pinterest?

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